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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

If there's anything I learned for my 25,000 bucks worth of Art school its that you're not allowed to say it isn't art if someone is presenting it as art. I might not like it or think it agrees even remotely with MY definition of art (which canges all the time anyway), but its all Art. Paper airplanes, dirt, naked people dancing around with bloody ribeyes, Rocks knocked over, urine, a picture of urine, a blank canvas, canned fesces, a black cube, a black square, some sticks, some chewing gum, an I-beam, a chewed-on block of chocolate, some old tires, a statue of David, a random stuck-together pile of scrp metal...and now some mold and fungus. Great, come on in, join the party.

I don't see any reason that visual forms can't be generated by growing suff in a controlled lab. I don't want it it my house, gotta draw the line at anthrax - no matter how good it looks all furry in the test-tube.

Without batting an eye I say it can be art - maybe it'll look cool. But I doubt it will have me trading in the sweatshirts for a lab coat anytime soon.
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