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Re: Weekend sketch

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
Yes indeed, as third-tier aesthetes go (writers) Wilde doesn't let you down. Picture of Dorian Gray is my fave...and the movie version inspired one of the greatest paintings of all time by Ivan Albright - its a masterful wreckage of brushwork...phrenetic physicality co-existing with obsessive hyper-realism.
"Style" is an anthill of a word when applied to this mountainous effort (and if you think Albright gave a damn about Wilde or the damn movie, you're missing the whole point).

Living in Chicago, the paintings of Ivan Albright are quite familiar to me -- just saw his life size "Satan" that used to hang over the bar at Ricardo's - and I love/hate them -- sort of like the work of Dr. Kevorkian -- which is unforgettable -- but also over-the-top ugly and creepy. "Connectivity" ? Yes -- his paintings have it intensely -- but its on the surface of his forms -- like a skin disease. Ugh!

On the other hand -- Ivan had a twin brother, Zsissly, who was a sculptor I like a lot:

Poor Zissley never got to be famous -- but like his brother -- he married a wealthy woman so he never had to worry about selling his work. (I suspect that their father, Adam Albright, who was a professional genre painter, gave his sons some good advice)
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