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Re: Weekend sketch

Originally Posted by fritchie View Post
I appreciate your taking the time to consider my suggestion, but now you seem to be quoting Oscar Wilde to the effect that Buster's work is decadent. It's that sort of classification I consider inappropriate here, especially with a relative newcomer many have described accurately as highly talented and accomplished.

I was hoping that others might share my irony concerning what that famous member of the "decadent movement" (as Wikipedia informs us) had to say about "decadence" -- and since Buster herself told us that her work "lacks style" -- I suspect that she is probably her most severe critic (which is why she's progressed as far as she has)

Actually, I just saw a performance of Oscar Wilde's "Ideal Husband" last Summer -- which I would call a real masterpiece of classic theater -- and an example of unity/connectivity that every sculptor should emulate.
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