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Re: Weekend sketch

Buster, your demonstrated skills seem as good as it gets- you've conquered all that - and your desire to transcend said skills and venture what you perceive as something more personally unique proves you are headed in the right direction. In the stratosphere of you and your brethern the stylistic differences are ownable by even subtleties. Your command of new territory might only be perceptible to you. I think you're well beyond classifications and comparisons...probably just a few major/ambitious undertakings from being right where you would like (But I'm afraid the clientele should have nothing to do with these).

Regarding the quickness or time-spent...not an issue. Time spent on a given piece is an illusion. Often, when something takes a long, long time its because you spent more time thinking (judging, assessing, criticizing..."repairing") than usual. So think less and watch as the muscle and bone take care of things. It'll turn out great.
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