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Re: Weekend sketch

Hi Jason,
Interesting comment. I think what bothers me about my own work is that it seems to lack style altogether. One reason I want to do more quick studies is to let whatever tendencies I have natrually come out so I can observe and develop further the things that please me. I don't like doing refined work, but that's how most of the pieces always end up - usually because the clients I have want extreme detail.
My first true influence was back in 1977 when I was able to visit Italy and be inspired by the classic Italian sculptors - Bernini, Michelangelo, etc. Loved what I saw. More recently, I very much admire the portrait works of some of the English Sculptors such as Mark Richards and Karen Newman. Love the very loose and fresh style of their work and would like to evolve my "style" more to this type of rendering.
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