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Re: Air Force Memorial, Art and Engineering

ironman... to be fair, bronze is 1000% times easier to weld without distortion, it transfers heat readily, which means less distortion. Stainless is far worse than even mild steel for transferring heat, it builds up locally at the weld area, meaning much more distortion. Stick three bars of the same size of bronze, steel, and stainless in a forge and touch the ends (the ones not in the fire, of course) every now and then, and you'll feel the heat in the bronze almost instantly, the steel a little later, and the stainless will take much longer.

This doesn't let the air force memorial fabricators off the hook... if they are qualified to do something that of size, they know this information as well or better than I. They *knew* it would get distorted, and decided it would be ok. It's not ok.
- Heath
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