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Re: Air Force Memorial, Art and Engineering

Well, I wouldn't begin to suggest I could have pulled it off better using the same technique... I'm sure the guys building it did the best they could with what they were required to work with. As far as I understand, the outer skin is the actual structure.

The point is, though... if I was set up to do a project of that scale and you had asked me to build something like that, I would have said "um, that's going to look like crap, we need to come up with something else." That's the key... my gut feeling is not that the construction crew were uncaring morons... it's just that they tried to accomplish something that couldn't be done well.

Bottom line is that they needed a different kind of structure with a different finish (a finer overall texture like the St. Louis Arch), or an entirely different form if they couldn't pull off that shape any other way. As it is... I'm sure it's impressive to the average viewer, but as fine art, it sucks.
- Heath
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