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Re: Air Force Memorial, Art and Engineering

Architects like to talk about "blurring" the lines between sculpture and architecture, but to sculptors its quite clear...not blurry at all...they are talking about architecture, not sculpture.

Allen, I do like that thing up there, even better than the previous arcing triplets. But since it was put forth by teams and commitees and organizations and benefactors and donators and officials of all fashion and all those cursed "designers", it doesn't address ME as an individual. Hell I probably can't even see any evidence of the laborers who actually had their paws on it. But perhaps Time will make it handsome, wear it away, let us know that IT too is riddled by demise; Then it might speak to me, both of us old and life-beaten - me in the grave and it a twisty ending to a Planet of the Apes movie.
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