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Re: Air Force Memorial, Art and Engineering

As usual Ill take exception to ironman and even this time even our senior sage evaldart. I can't think of a higher calling for an artist than to create a work that invokes a great deal of emotion and expresses a part of an individuals life story.

I think we could argue the point about where lines fall between art and architecture. We all hardily agree that the Empire State building is esthetically, artistically, architecturally and emotionally a great piece of work. But it is just a building.

The Lincoln Memorial is also a building. However it is so much more. It bridges traumatic history, Americas core self image, a great individual and was the site of one of MLK's I have a dream speech, wow.

Consider the new US Marine Corp. Museum. Here is art expressed as architecture. The art is made large, 210 feet and incorporates the core concepts that define a Marine to the outside world.

The museum will be defined by a 210-foot element that soars at a 45-degree angle from the 160-foot-high glass atrium. This central component is symbolic of raising of the flag at Iwo Jima, Howitzer cannons, and the US Marine Corpsí raised swords.

This structure is designed to make a statement, you should see it at night, they have some serious megawatt lighting pointing straight up at the tip of the 210 foot element, a dramatic example of light sculpture.

This structure will evoke emotion, speaks to the soul of those that it honors, and is quite functional. I think that is a great calling for an artist. Someone that is not just thrusting their inner vision on the public but someone that can get at what moves and defines a slice of humanity and express that in three dimensions.
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