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Re: International Sculpture Center

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
"community"; a current-as-can-be method for artists to have discourse, dialogue, criticism, technical exchange, and overall extension of and challenging of views aesthetic and otherwise.
I think we have another potential exhibition title.

Originally Posted by rika View Post
Just had a reality check moment about the overall expense. If it proves to be out of reach to attend for some of us, can we just ship the work? With a smiley on it of course.
I expect that if this show happens most folks would ship something smallish.

Originally Posted by rika View Post
How about popular vote? I recall many posts people wishing they could see a particularly well achieved piece face to face. I think those two mentioned by Grommet were on a few members' list.
Im with E on the no jury/no voting thing. The show should reflect the forum and the forum has very few filters regarding open contribution.
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