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Re: Air Force Memorial, Art and Engineering

This type of work is a case where sculpture tries to play at architectures game. 270 feet? thats nothing. plenty of second-tier cities have a thousand foot building these days (Jersey City/Goldman Sachs). Sculpture likr this is given a pass. Just because its not carrying cars accross water or chasms - or because its not housing human triflings does not mean it should be excused of its responsibilities the skyline. If you need to find a way to make the structure pay civilation back then build rooms and elevators inside it - it can still look like anything you want it too. Tourists will come if its a REAL attraction.

I will always be more interested in what an artist is able to do when he can address his individual challenges (put forth by his own unique predicament) with his own two hands. The visual problems of modern man - his superfulous embelleshings - are usually solved with money, wit and whimsy, and these exist apart from creativity (which occurs at the highest levels anyway, regardless of circumsatnce).

Believe me, I would be delighted to get an eyeful of these arcing spikes...might even take a picture. But give me the Empire State Building or the Pulaski Skyway any day. They can move me to tears.
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