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Re: hand casting pewter

Landseer....... I can help you build what you need far cheaper than what is offered on the market. And "cheap" doesn't mean compromise on quality or safety. It'll outlast anything out there in comarrison, as well. Propane is a great fuel source for any non ferrous metal. It's primary exhaust is H2O and can safely be used indoors without concern of monoxide posioning. I've worked indoors for over 20 years using propane fired furnaces. I can instruct you how to build a furnace that is lightwight, economical and durable enough to pass on to another generation, yet still be easily moved about and stored in the event space is an issue. I've been working on a tutorial in such regard for the past year that would be very beneficial to you if you choose to explore doing your own castings from now on. I'm just an email away if you're interested.
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