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Re: International Sculpture Center

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
It would be best if such an exhibit was achieved at the greatest expense of every participant...ones most significant works put with others' same to ensure the quality and quantity of the ensuing pontifications. And no ants allowed. Sorry, this is not "business" - this is about something far more advancement. The dust will settle afterwards, the vehicles will survive, the bank-accounts will recuperate and we here will have taken our blather to new heights - and be BETTER, every one of us, for it.

I say we do it in Australia. I'll crate-up a thousand-pounder and send it right over...Underfoot, can we borrow your school's gymnasium for a week?

No ants.
Ok since you threw that out there. If we really want to make a "WTF" Tidal wave. How about we get a barge. Have a giant party, then Load all the pieces on it and send it out with the outgoing tides. We can mount a sattelite camera on it and a gps to track it. A complete "Surfing" meld. How's NYC Harbor for a venue?

For the right show i'm willing to make a piece (hopefully my best) and send it out never to return.
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