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Re: mother mold resin material

It is more expensive like this but if you are willing to pay. I would use polyurethane its somewhat cheaper. And I would buy a filler for it to cut down on cost.You can buy a large box of tiny tiny glass bubbles from 3m I forget what they are called but if you are interested I can find the name. The bubbles can be mixed with liquid plastic or polyurethane. If you want to do a large volume of these molds you can get a 5 gallon kit of urethane or liquid plastic for around $650 canadian plus around 150 bucks for a huge box of these glass bubbles (the box is about 4 feet tall by 2 feet square). Check 3m's website for this. also for the liquid plastic check out This will do alot of molds. If you are only doing one small mold. I would go buy some autobody fiberglassing resin at a local shop fairly cheap and very stinky and unhealthy. But if you think it's too stinky get some polyurethane. You can also check out boat building supplies they may have a suitable resin that you are looking for.
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