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Re: Does anyone know what the colored finnish

Without giving away any proprietary secrets, someone with the fabrication company explained the process for the Balloon Dog. This included many coats of clear and tinted automotive finish, roughly 6 to 12 coats as I recall. This makes the parts very difficult to handle for the large pieces that need to be assembled. The coating is so thick that it remains soft for a long period of time. Transport requires specially built crates which suspend the pieces at their connection points. In the event that a piece is scratched or damaged, it gets stripped down and the process starts all over again. $$$$
I recall seeing one of the early BUNNIES and it looked like it may have been chrome plated.
Someone in the SUPERHERO thread made reference to there not being a memorial for the unknown artist. I would nominate these works attributed to Jeff Koons. The work involved and level of craftsmanship by the fabricators are incredible. Anyone that has ever tried to mirror polish stainless or get a perfect paint finish will certainly know the difficulty of achieving these surfaces, especially on a large scale. Lots and lots of time, money and serious labor.
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