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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Sorry, I just don't buy any of it. Sexual repression is far more inherently harmful than exposure to nudity and sex. 'Naturalness' or 'appropriateness' or 'nudity vs. nakedness' is just an attempt to rationalize your own level of repression as it has been drilled into you by our society and your own personal upbringing.

Your anecdote about sexual abuse survivors is nothing but a random anecdote of association that implies nothing about causation, or anything about these issues. Child abuse is very complex phenomenon, and to imply that it is somehow caused by kids seeing naked people or porno magazines is ridiculous. On the contrary. If I had the time and space, I would construct an argument that sexual repression is far more likely the cause of child abuse - people with a healthy unrepressed sexuality do not get off on hurting children.

What seems to be sorely lacking in this discussion is any awareness of anthropology. Human beings and their evolutionary ancestors had a much healthier and less repressive attitude about nudity and sex for millenia upon millenia before the invention of religions and societal taboos came along to make us feel guilt shame and fear about it.

Some people in the world still do today. As someone else mentioned, many poor cultures live with whole families crammed into one room and the children are exposed to sex from day one. In some parts of the world people live naked or almost naked all the time, and they see both people and animals having sex from infancy. You may think they are 'primitive' but you might want to look into their rates of rape, murder, and war compared to ours before you judge.

We all have our own idiosyncrasies when it comes to sex. Some of them are genetic, but most of them are a product of social conditioning. This conditioning has nothing to do with any kind of absolute moral truths or the inherent state of the universe. It's all made-up. Plenty of people and cultures have done and do it differently.

In general, I see the level of sexual repression in a society as almost a barometer of how messed up it is. Look at heavily Islamic countries where women are forced to wear shrouds so no one can see them and are stoned to death if accused of adultery, etc... That is a further extension of the kind of repression being defended here. I'll bet they justify it in terms of 'protecting' people and 'caring' too.
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