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Panocast 160

Has anyone used a product called Panocast 160? It's a urethane-based casting compound that, when placed in warm (72 degrees) water for up to 14 days will grow in size as much as 160%, thus, you can cast an enlargment without the need for more sculpting or the use of computer enlarging systems, etc. You can cast successively larger reproductions from each cast you make, too. The downside is the cost: $39.95 for a 2-pint kit, $219.95 for a 2-gallon kit and $899.95 for a 5-gallon kit. I'm not sure if you can add bronze powder for cold castings or not, though. It says the size of the enlargement is limited only by the size of the vessel containing the water. Hmmm...a new use for my bathtub? If nothing else, it would be a relatively cheaper way to get an enlarged pattern for making a mold to cast bronze from. Then again, in 14 days, a good sculptor can probably do an enlargement the usual way and save the $39.95 to $899.95, right?

Here is where I found the stuff:

P.S.: It says the way this stuff works is that it absorbs water, which presumably makes it swell. I'm wondering what happens to all that water, though? Does it retain the water? If so, then doesn't the sculpture become exponentially heavier with each enlargement? Or does the water evaporate, leaving air pockets? If so, does the sculpture retain its size and shape? Does it become less structurally dense, i.e., brittle?


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