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Re: Filing Copyright

Originally Posted by artwork View Post
I have two small (8.5" tall) bronze figures I made and I would like to file the paperwork for copyright registration. Suddenly felt worried that I might make on mistake on filling out the forms or wondered if anyone in the community has experience filling them out etc? Thanks.
Ive done it, it's actually no longer required, such works are automatically copyrighted upon creation, but it is easier in court to sue for infringement if you do have registrations as you can show paper trail proof.

It's real simple, and you can even do it on their web site now which costs less than the mailed method and upload the photos there.

You want the form for the visual arts (form VA)

Instructions and form:

For the "deposit" on this you send photos not the actual sculpture

Filing fee is $35 for a basic claim (for online filings only)

Log in here, but the hours for offline maintenance are from 5:45 PM Saturday to 6:00 AM Sunday (Eastern Time). The system will be restored to normal operations at 6:00 AM.

One bit of caution: everything you put on the form becomes public record/viewable by the public, so you need to watch out what address/phone/email you use and where you insert these, if any of these are likely to change any time soon that's not good, if you don't want your home address on this use a POBox or something, similar goes for your phone number. Once entered there is no way to "update" these and they will not change or delete what you had entered, it's there forever.
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