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Re: Might be buying a store

Thanks for the input PT, I found the sheating is nothing more than individual half lapped boards 6" wide 12' long, but likely as you said, the rows of screw are probably going into horizontally attached what I call "cleats" that are screwed into I assume the brick or mortar lines. I dont think those overhanging /swing type signs are allowed, Ive never seen one here and all the other businesses have signs attached to the front wall.

I don't think I will have such a sign up top on the front, more likely it will be a smaller one inside the window display.
The two display windows have a little raised "platform" about 2 feet deep, I like the curtains in that photo I posted of the Victorian store front, I think they look good where those are about 3 feet back, across the top and sides. There are spotlights or floodlights on the "ceiling" of those display window areas inside pointing down, and ther's a 3 or 4' long fluorescent lamp in each as well which are rather bizarre in their placement- 45 degree angle facing the glass with bare bulbs, just what you want- shining a bright light at the people looking in!

I won't need to do much in the way of "remodelling" the walls and ceiling need paint, the floor hopefully will strip and varnish, and I want to add baseboard moldings, and change the lights. Nothing will happen on the facade this year other than taking a peek under the boards, it's too late in the season to embark on any kind of major change on the front.

Still waiting to hear from my bank, they have all the paperwork and they were to send someone over there from the bank to do an internal apprasal rather than hiring an outside appraiser which they said runs $1500. So the deciding thing now at their end I guess is if their appraiser guy says the building is worth $15,000, loan approved, or it is not worth $15,000, waiting is agony!
Hope to hear something tomorrow.

Oh I have no issues with doing electric, plumbing etc, Ive had jobs in the past where that WAS part of the job, and Ive renovated more than a few lofts and places, I tend to overbuild, and over spec on everything- well beyond any minimum code or requirements.

Even if the electrical says I can use 14 GA wire I ALWAYS use 12, if something needs one 2x4 I use 2 or 3 of them, if a floor or porch joist can be a 2x6 with no issues, I still use 2x8 or even 2x10.
When I rewired my house, romex is the norm for in the walls and basement etc, but I don't use romex- seen and read about too many fires from rodents chewing wiring in walls to ever be comfortable with that stuff! I used commercial steel conduit with the waterproof connectors throughout, and in tight spots I used the metal armored cable, all 12 GA wire with a green ground wire.
I've worked alongside the local electrician here at my work place running various cables and things with him, and Ive replaced about 100 balasts with new ones, he's a good dude.
Most of the code stuff is pretty much common sense, but unfortunately a lot of people don't have that, so you get DIY repairs where people use things like duct tape or scotch tape on electrical wiring, or they wrap a damaged cord with yards of electrical tape, or break off the ground pin on plugs.
At work I know there was a lamp fixture on the milling machine that had been wired wrong- with a NON polarized plug, one day the machinist moved the gooseneck socket to direct the light better and it shorted out on the metal, turned out that depending on which way you plugged the cord in, the outside of the socket got the juice, nice accident waiting to happen to whomever might touch that lamp socket and the mill at the same time!
I wound up rewiring that thing correctly so it can't be plugged in wrong.

There was a similar issue with the air compressor's pressure switch too, you turned off all the breakers marked "AIR COMPRESSOR" not knowing that the air pressure switch on the tank had a whole OTHER breaker in another box that wasn't marked! and THAT was wired up once by a licensed electrician, I learned fast not to trust ANY wiring in that place at all.

Looks like a good url there pT, checking it out now.
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