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Re: Might be buying a store

I went to get a couple of pics and measurements, I also discovered the T-111 siding is actually individual lap boards about 6" wide x 12' long, I was real happy to see that because I can easily put an extension ladder up and peel off one or two boards and look at what's under them without having to scaffold and deal with 4' by 10 or 12 foot sheets of heavy ply! I know 4x8 is standard but you CAN get much larger sheets and I think you can get 12' sheets.

On the other side of the building on the left the two store buildings have the same brown brick the building on the right has, and they are mildly decorative using designs for the brick courses, their style is probably from the 1910s era.
The building on the right was once a bank, now a florist, and a florist shop would complement a shop next door thta has sculptures that can be used in the garden

Inside, that partition wall is about 45' from the front windows, and the floor in that area in the back has newer linoleum. The building is 96 feet deep, so thatwall is about in the center.

The front floor has the linoleum adhesive left on the original wood floor, the tin ceiling can be seen, nothing real fancy but all in good condition.

Those horrible fluorescent lamps you can see why they have to GO! geez, there's enough of them in those 3 rows to light up an airport or shopping mall!
The walls are masonry over brick, with the usual screw holes here and there where shelving or whatever had once been attached.
I believe the ceiling is 11' high, as it seemed to be about 3' higher than the top of the window glass, which is 99." Another good thing is that there's no STEPS to get in, so no worries about things like wheelchair access/ADA requirements.

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