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Re: Might be buying a store

Yeah it's a good location for sure.

I was browsing some pics of old store fronts, and something like this would be real good, and it would blend in extremely well with the adjacent buildings, fo all I know underneath that T111 and the 2 aluminum panels under the display windows there could be something in iron or wood similar to what's under the windows of this old store front but plainer.
I'm sure that single door replaced a double set of wood doors, I could get a pair of salvaged doors like those, though it would require those angled windows be moved to 90 degrees to the others, and constructing a little bit of fill-ins in the corners.

That UGLY single aluminum door has GOT to go!!!

The 4 square pilasters would be easy to replicate something similar in wood, ditto for the two inset panels under the windows and the little cornice on top.

That would look real cool, and as long as the wood is kept painted properly there's no problem, those pilaster in the photo are cast iron but I have seen plenty of similar in softwood.

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