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working methods

Are we a diverse bunch or what? My work is very low tech and figurative, but I'll offer my two blobs worth on mediums and methods anyway.
I use mud exclusively, and there is method (both emotionally and intellectually) to my mudness. Creating something out of a lump of mud is an undeniably timeless proccess. The first gods were modelled out of the mud at Ur - how long ago? (Now wer'e back at Ur trying to roughly tuck the figureless god of global capitalism into the cradle of civilization. Even the post modern infidels are dumping the human where DOES humanity still figure in our art or our lives?) Eh?
If you take the physics of form and creativity into account - we reveal the infinitely original nature of matter... and the fact that even the immaterial - matters. Woops, that sounds veritably first past the post-modern. Sorry.
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