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Do you browse, surf, sculpts?

I'm an amateur, so I'm allowed to look at as much sculpture as I want. I look at a lot and am amazed at the number of sites showing sculpture [among all the other arts] and, indeed, classifying it in many ways--style, medium, price, content, artist, etc. I relish what I believe to be the fact that I have very likely seen more pieces of sculpture--albeit in pictures--than any critic working at any time prior to the last 25 years. So much, so easy, yes, it's almost sculpture porn.
I would love to learn whether the professionals out there surf sculpture. I suspect there is a fear of artistic corruption that may inhibit it. I also suspect that there may be a feeling that people [collectors] just may not go to a show when they can see much more sitting at the computer. Also, like the early churchmen with the Bible, a feeling that the word must not come too easy and without the guidance of the elite. Is there a question whether unlimited access to and viewing of sculpture images is a good thing?
Any thoughts appreciated--also recommendations of the best sites.
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