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Re: International Sculpture Center

Again, the "subject" of the exhibition has everything to do with modes of intellectual/creative exchange. Artists have always done it, quite NEEDED it. This show potentially separates itself from every otyher damned come-one, come-all art exhibit by representing this modern method of creative dialogue. The artifacts that will be viewed will finally give a material significance to that dialogue and that method of dialogue. Regardless of the original or intended content of the sculpture, it will now be overcome under the cradling grip of the " school". Which is fine, because the whole damned point is to add the unimaginable experience (for us) of making actual "contact". If lurkers wanted contact, they wouldnt be lurkers.

Dont get me wrong, Lurkers are wonderful folks (though a bit quiet for my taste), but they are not affecting this unusual entity of ours (a long-distance network of sculptors who have conversed extensively on all matters as a mode of stimulation, encouragement, critique and sheer amusement..."friends" or "antagonists").

Anyhow, by definition, no "lurker" would wish to participate; because as soon as they made contact they would no longer be a lurker. Get it?
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