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Re: Shipping Container workshop?

TBT, I seem to remember on this thread or somewhere a link, apparently since then removed, perhaps it was on post #5 after the words "like this" which showed, what in fact looked like exactly what I described.

The picture of the dreadful industrial landscape happened to be in Scotland, but it could have been anywhere, as dreadful industrial landscapes are pretty interchangeable.

Now, it happens that I have been to Scotland, and enjoyed the landscapes very well, not having spent much time site-seeing at the dreadful industrial sites. Jedburg was one of my favorite places.

On the other hand, back in the late 1980's, a composer/harpist friend of mine, William Jackson, was touring with his then group Ossian, and one of the band members talked about how if he ever missed Scotland, all he had to do was put on a raincoat, stand in the shower and turn on the cold water, and hold a cold meat pie in each hand. Then he got over being homesick.

Minneapolis has a lot going for a city I don't know that it would beat Scottish countryside in a picturesque landscape contest, but our Minnesota-nice attitudes could certainly kick your skirt-wearing Scottish arses* in congeniality!

*Scottish for "asses". As per the next post, I assume evaldart promises to provide a waiver to Saint Peter at the pearly gates on my behalf for using the "A" word.

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