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Re: Shipping Container workshop?

If you have an aptitude for construction (you are a sculptor, right?) you can put together wood framing, and if you have access to architectural salvage places, find used windows to occupy much of the wall surface. I have a supply of used sliding glass doors, mostly without the casings, which can be used as individual fixed windows, 3' x 7' each. With insulated glass, that is 21 sq. ft. each of wall surface with light and a view of your dreadful Scottish industrial landscape.

For an interesting roof alternative, you could creatively use the polycarbonate greenhouse glazing that is composed of two layers of translucent plastic with long thin ribs in between, creating trapped air channels. These come in large sheets that can flex to a curve, are lightweight and easy to cut and work with, have a wee bit of insulation value, and admit light but no view. It can also be used as wall siding.

I'm describing here a hodge-podge means to easily construct something that would probably cost less than the cargo containers, give you much more for options and comfort, and can be refined by adding more conventional construction methods and materials depending on budget, etc.
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