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Re: Truely International?

Great ideas Gerry:

Anne, I don't assume that everyone will communicate in my one language------I'm just gratefull for the ones who do-----and for the kind folks who'll translate for the ones who have little or no english-----

I am without the languages of my ancestors and often think it a loss of culture as well as language.

When folks on-line communicate in a different language, I seek interpreters---and rely on their translations----often, the lexicon of art is unknown to many reasonably well educated multilinguists.....c'est le vie?

I once was surfing and found myself in a korean chat room which offered an electronic translator------the english was a tad peculiar having what my wife refers to as a parent language interference---

Perhaps, such a tool could be applied here?

I prefer art and culture to be as inclusive as humanly possible despite the occasional discomfort.

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