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Re: Experience with

that $500 figure from? I found;

Basic Member $95 US/Canada/Mexico; $115 International.

The next level up is $200

But memberships include the 10 issues of their magazine, discounts on art supplies, and more. Most magazine subscriptions seem to average around $35 or so, and for the $95 it doesn't seem out of line, especially when specialty, trade or professional magazines are usually pretty expensive.

The issue is, how will this help YOU or make sales for you? does Joe Public read "Sculpture" magazine when looking for something to buy? is it even on the "newsstands"? likely not, other than "critiques" and being able to say you are a member of... and having a slick magazine to read, the art supply discounts may be about the only real benefit to you- IF you buy enough, IF you buy from I'm sure- their sponsors, and I'm sure there's restrictions.

For $95 for the year though, I'd say if the magazine's contemporary looking theme for art jives with what you do, try it for one year and see. This wouldn't be of any benefit to ME as my work is totally different, but there are similar outfits and publications that would be geared towards figure sculpture, classical art, animal sculpture etc I'm sure.
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