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Re: Cultural Gothic- Paul McCarthy

I don't find Duck's comments and observations insulting or out of line, and in fact I find them interesting. McCarthy may very well have had this in mind as she said, we don't know what he had in mind when creating the work but I emailed the gallery in NYC to ask if he has an email they know of.

It's a fact that there's a LOT of deadbeats in the inner city slums who milk the social welfare system and laugh or brag about it, and it's a published fact. I remember reading back in the 70's in the newspapers regarding welfare, food stamps, public housing and single mothers who have multiple children from multiple fathers, many of whom they don't even remember the names of let alone where they went.

There were drugs, welfare checks with food stamps on the first of the month and the paper interviewed a number of them for the story, and basically they said they had MORE children on purpose as each one added an additional chunk to their monthly welfare check PLUS free milk, baby food and food stamps.

They were also given WIC programs and more. These girls basically made a career out of collecting welfare, food stamps, WIC and public paid housing in the public "projects"- high rise crime-ridden slum apartments operated by the NYC dept of Social Services and paid for by the tax payers- the ones who WORK for a living. You give, they TAKE and then want MORE and then sit on their butts waiting for the next check.
The boys/young men did nothing but sew their wild oats all over the neighborhood with multiple girls and then just left, most didn't have jobs or they sold drugs for cash.

This was not limited to any age, race or color in particular, though certain neighborhoods where the slum "projects" were built attracted specific races and colors.

You could change the color or race of either of the figures in McCarthy's sculpture to suggest what Duck is thinking and it might "work", though the clothing is a bit too "middle-class" I think for that to really be the case of the sculptor's intent.

The father figure does not have a happy face as I noted before, it's almost a tragic expression, it could be a key or it could mean nothing more than poor modelling, or an unimportant detail.

I don't really care for implying that the goat was somehow some sort of "last choice" one step above a rock with a hole in it in the back-yard when everything else failed- to be used as a sex toy and discarded after the act, that is insulting to the person who genuinely cares for the animal (per the German University study above in my earlier post) as a partner, not a toy to be used and thrown away.

I don't view this as some sort of "last option" when everything failed and a person doesn't even have cash to buy a $5 street walker for 15 minutes so they "do" a handy nearby goat.