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Re: Cultural Gothic- Paul McCarthy

Children do imitate, but it would be far fetched to think any would nail a playmate to a post. The majority of kids pre-puberty who might see something sexual are going to go "EWWWW GROSS!!!" the would have the same reaction to anything involving feces, blood or bestiality. Only a very rare few who grow into adults- say, that 15% in that sex survey- would find it interesting or want to try it, but not because they saw a sculpture of a photo- bestiality was common enough one of the kings - Henry the Vlll or something banned it, and children were even executed for it (remember the penalty back then was death by hanging) and none of these people had access to photos, videos or the web. A 16 year old who was executed certainly got the idea all on his own, probably from seeing farm animals mating and then decided he could try that too.

To prevent that, do we require all farm animals now be fully clothed and during mating season be kept pastured behind curtains running the entire perimeter of the farm so passerby don't have to see it and no one will get naughty "ideas"?
That idea is as stupid as trying to control a billion computers and people world-wide on the internet, this also can't be done.

The work in question is not actual bestiality- it brings up bestiality in the context of conformity, the blandness of modern society, and its obvious similarity to Disney animitronics is not accidental- the artist is very intrigued by how creepy popular "entertainment" is, and how we all accept it without comment.
It is implied and further helped by the text description and the mechanics of course, but there is no actual penetration of anything and no nudity- the figures are all fully clothed.

There are loads of this in the art world from the "prudish" 19th century and way way before. Here is a painting by Edouard Avril (1843-1928) of a Greek herder and goat;

Here is a gallery of images of his other works, very tastefully done but consider the links 18+ as they do show nudity and sex acts. I note the banner header done in a classical style has a Pan, with an erection, most of these are also sold now as posters on at least a couple of web sites that sell art posters, including the goat one so obviously there is demand for it;

Most of this all takes the form of prints, paintings, sketches and drawings not sculpture, so I only included images of sculptures here, and none of them are pornographic or X rated. Most of these images and artworks are definitely NOT implied or simulated, they are actual or show total nudity and penetration.