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Re: Cultural Gothic- Paul McCarthy

Well, I wonder what kind of reaction this would provoke if instead of being archetypal caucasians; "evil white man", if he had put turbans on them instead? As I stated earlier, this kind of propaganda has been used through the ages to depict the bad guys of the world and to rationalize their mistreatment.

Looks like the entertainment section of Al-Jazeera to me no matter how you slice it and if that's what you like to read then great. For anyone looking for 15 minutes of fame and glory there's still plenty left undone, a quick sculpt of the V-Tech massacre could get some mileage I think. We could set up the students having a big orgy moments before their sacrifice to the "truth" gods... Hell, I'd even do it with paper mache and scissors to save labor and material cost.

Back to global lettuce and other "more important" topics..