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Re: Does the field of Sculpture hold the greatest oppurtunity

Every artist involves him/herself in the medium that they see-fit as the the one that provides him/her with the greatest opportunity to improve themselves. Identifying one's creative medium by looking OUT into the world to address anyone elses "need" (civilization's or society's perhaps) will simply have you finding a job; which is not nearly as potentially fulfilling and improving as personal isolated effort and un required toil.

For me, yes, sculpture is the area of interaction that is advancing me. Yet there might be a time when something else does...due to changes in mind and body.

Opportunities are everywhere. Folks will allways fight over them to survive and prosper. They have nothing to do with being a better artist, or a better individual (unless you fail and are unable to stay fueled and sheltered...but that is not a matter that has anything to do with the rigors of aesthetics).
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