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Re: New Addition to Skokie Sculpture Park

Hi Eval
Carl, you might consider shipping it. I just sent a 12 x 3 x 3 foot 600 lb crate to South Dakota for 650 bucks Yellow Trucking (YRC). My plane fare for the install was only 400 round trip, lodging 100 bucks for 2 nights. No wear and tear on the vehicle either.
I really don't want to ship it. Been wanting to make a roadtrip, that was semi-fun, for awhile. Besides, hate to admit it, just love going through Ohio & Indiana. Must be a corn-fed orphan/escapee who was adopted by some nice people from DC 40+ years ago. Has to be the only explanation for loving the wide open spaces of corn & flat land.

Congratulations! I love Aria--- a fine piece, especially for the location.

Try Expedia for hotel prices. I booked my last four trips through them with excellent results, including a room at the Hyatt in Osaka, Japan for $130/night instead of $500/night!
Hi Juliana. Nice to have you back on the BB. Thank you for the compliment. I am excited about getting to Skokie & meeting the founders & some of their board.

Actually found the best rates on the Best Western corporate site for Richmond IN (outside of Indianpolis) - $72/night & the best rates for Elk Grove, IL (a little west of Skokie) @ $57/night on Travelocity. Both have indoor pools for the lanky-legged lardoon from WV floating on his back with a tumbler of vodka resting on his chest. Am loking forward to it.

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