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Re: New Addition to Skokie Sculpture Park

Perhaps I'll throw-in for that one next year (as I reach ever westward with my message of metal mayhem). Do they help with any expenses?
Yeah Evald, they give you $2,000 total for the 3 year stay. You should just about break even after taxes, driving expenses, etc. since you are 900 miles away.

Am angling to see if they can also throw in a night or two at the Doubletree or equiv. After driving 700 miles like to float around in a pool, maybe with a glass of vodka sitting on my belly & relax. Motel 6 appeals to my budget, but Doubletree to my inflated sense of what I am worth.

Am excited about being there since I have this knawing itch to keep returning to Chicagoland. Last tme it was to Algonquin.
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