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Re: Port Huron Mining Memorial and Bronze Sculpture

The memorial purpose, of course fills this piece with meaning, and Paula is obviously very able as a renderer of clay and as a responsible satisfyer of of her undertakings, but Lou is right to question, within this forum, the success of the thing as a created object or as a piece of artistically directed matter.

Even as an executor of themes and narratives, we make the best art when those drivers and initiators become paled and incidental. The liberties and risks we take with form, process and composition are what will make it good. The story is only the beginning.. the enabler (the funder). The sculptor of commissioned works who works at the absolute edges of what his/her client will accept is serving ALL purposes the best. In all, the work should not simply and immediately be loved and cherished...they should first wonder whether they love it and whether or not they can, and then get hit over the head by it when the're not looking....DING! DING! Sculpture wins...everyones happy.

This is a very well done piece but I think it pays too much attention to the story.
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