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Re: Port Huron Mining Memorial and Bronze Sculpture

TLouis: This sculpture was posted under events and happenings, rather than in other parts of the forum that seem more appropriate if an artist is looking for a critique of the work. There are things that I like about it and things that I don't like about it. Out of respect for the vast body of wonderful sculpture that Paula has created, I did not feel obliged to comment on this one, especially prior to the event which had the significant meaning to those involved. Given what Paula has hinted at regarding the circumstances limiting her creative freedom, I think I made the right choice in keeping my comments to myself. Unless you have gone through a similar process, it is a lot easier to second guess the results of all of that work than to be the one responisble for fulfilling a commission. The best critique is still the reaction of those for whom it was made and the meaning it has for them.
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