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Re: Essence and Development

The first verse of a poem by D H Lawrence, which may be of help:

'The mystery of creation is the divine urge of creation,
but it is a great strange urge, it is not a Mind.
Even an artist knows that his work was never in his mind,
he could never have thought it before it happened.
A strange ache possessed him, and he entered the struggle,
and out of the struggle with his material, in the spell of the urge,
his work took place, it came to pass, it stood up and saluted
his mind.'

I do a lot of drawing, but I've found that sculpture is entirely other, quite a separate thing. Henry Moore once said that he completely stopped drawing as a part of preparation for sculptures. He took to making maquettes only, perhaps at times 4 or 5 for a single piece, I believe. I think he also said that the final piece was only one further step in the process of exploration.
From the carver actually known as Sam Bell
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