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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

This is such a great question! And I am constantly surprised by the number of artists who reject this kind of self-analysis. Thinking through what you are doing and your art practice is GOOD. Disengage the brain, and art just becomes a vehicle for your emotions. Too much emoting is bad for you.
I personally know of no great artist who doesn’t have a sense of where they stand in relation to their contemporaries. Does anyone out there really think that these artists are just ‘making stuff’? Many of these artists have offered profound and complex statements, so, if I was setting out on a dissertation on the subject, I’d start with those artists who are a major part of modern art history, get some volumes on their perception of what they are doing, and why. After all, was Duchamp just making art ‘for fun’? Of course not. Was Dada just ‘self expression’? Art is often driven by social, historical and theoretical issues (Cubism, Futurism) and by art’s response to its environment (Pop art), as well as sheer self-expression (Expressionism). The analysis helps us to refine our understanding. Why IS Damien Hirst preoccupied with pills/chemists shops/hospital waste? What is he engaging with here? The question ‘why’ is valid and useful.

After looking at some modern artists and their views, I’d then search down through art history to see what has been at the heart of the practice of others (The contrast will be useful in a dissertation). The reasons for making art are going to be different for Michelangelo, as will the reasons for the tribal mask-maker's practice (which raises the issue of your needing to define the range of what you will deal with in the dissertation).
Before all that, though, I'd talk though a reasonably well-defined subject with your tutor and then get some clarity about the principles/the perspective you intend to apply - a rambling collection of views from the ISC community isn't analysis. Personally, I'd enjoy doing a dissertation on the role of theory in art - theory IS a driver, even if it doesn't drive everyone.

I also think some of the questions you are asking are too broad - 'Why do you want to share it?' That's a dissertation in itself, and you might need a degree in pyschology to conclude anything meaningful. That question can apply to anything and everything. As for 'Isn't 'fun' enough?' What, like splashing in mud pools? You will have to define your terms, and I for one do NOT sculpt for fun. I'm an adult, for Christ's sake.

Personally, I think that I. Chonov makes a lot of sense (see above).

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