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Re: Sculpture Mag web

Originally Posted by evaldart
I've been an ISC member to get the magazine for about ten years (individual membership). While I have always found the whole thing quite worthwhile I have yet to make any use of the website features such as uploading images and tapping into the more updated opportunities section. Is it easy to get this stuff set up? To get a password or secret number or something that will let me in? How do I break in?
Hi evaldart,

To access the opportunities section online, you'll need the user name and password that came with your membership (it's printed on the forms we send you each time you renew, but you can also call the office if you can't find it).

Just this month, we've changed the way our online Portfolio system works. We hope it's more user-friendly, now! You can submit all of your information and images online, instead of mailing the information to us. If you're interested in getting started, click here:

You can create a user name (an e-mail address) and password (your choice!) to get your Portfolio submission started. And after it's up, you can log back in to edit your text or to add additional images as you see fit.

If anyone has any questions about the process, feel free to ask me. Or you can always email
Lauren Hallden-Abberton
Membership Coordinator - ISC

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