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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

OK, merlion
lemme rephrase

If sculpting is honoring that which is sculpted,
then sculpting the figure well honors (wo)man

sculpting with clothes honors the fashion industry

and, by inverse extrapolation

being opposed to figurative sculpture is intentionally dishonoring (wo)man

by figurative sculpture, I mean without clothing

if you cannot look upon figurative sculpture without the act arousing prurient interests in yourself, then i contend that the arousal is due to something within your own psyche---
eye of the beholder.....
and that the "something within yourself" changes with age of development, whether physical, mental, or emotional, or any combination thereof.

I am not applying nor implying any value judgment with this comment.
and if you cannot view the Venus without getting a boner well into your 80's, then more power to you (and I hope you've a suitable use for the arousal)...
and here, i had thought that the anecdotal story was a more direct path to the understanding........

in the immortal words of tiny tim...
god bless us everyone
kill the frost giants
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