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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

soft porn
time and place
age of development
eye of the beholder

long, long, long ago, when i was a recently post pubescent lad, we used to flip through the pages of the sears catalog and mostly view the womens underwear section--------it was certainly porn to us, and, oftimes a trusty masturbatory aide.

...........maybe I'm just really old, but it just don't do it for me no more...

the oversexualized dancers on the music videos are more porn than i'm accustomed to-especially the crotch shots with the thrusting pelvises...and, what Tina Turner used to do with a microphone-------if you're into blow jobs, i imagine it was highly arousing

without sexuality, we are in the fast lane to extinction
God gave us these bodies and desires so's we could have some fun while furthering the cause of reproduction
Those who would ignore or attempt to destroy god's gifts are the real sinners

life is short
be tolerant
and enjoy

and, if my sculpture should occasionally be of the stuff of a masturbatory aide, or arouse sexual desires in it's beholders
it really doesn't bother me much
eye of the beholder
time and place
age of development
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