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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Originally Posted by pylgrym
I always scouted ahead when we went to public places and avoided the naked stuff. Until barely a hundred years ago, U.S. ''indecent exposure'' laws were vigorously enforced. Can we say that public nudity in flesh, stone or metal 'naked art' has in any way, shape or form improved the world? Nakedness is everywhere and there is more crime, paranoia, sex-disease than ever!
I think that you need better discernment in attributing cause and effect, as it relates to this discussion. There are two different elements here, nudity, and nakedness. Nudity is art that has been created for centuries up to the present, done in a tasteful and artistic manner whereby the emphasis is on the expression of the soul, or idea beyond the form. Or upon the aesthetic beauty of the human form. The other expression of "nakedness" is the use of the human form to consciously emphasize sexuality and erotic elements. This is done more in other areas outside of fine art, such as billboards, TV, movies, pornography, advertising, etc.

Since you are making an observation about an increase of "crime, paranoia, and sex-disease " ( to which you could also add abortion and births outside of wedlock ) , this would be more attributable to the type of "nakedness" that I described, which has definitely increased in my lifetime, versus the nudity which has always existed in art and thus cannot be cited as a factor in the rise of the problems you mentioned.

I hope that the nudity is not what you are trying to shield your children from, else they may grow up to believe that the human form is something to be ashamed of rather than appreciated for its beauty. As I recall, God saw everything that he had made (including the human form ), and behold, it was good.

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