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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

Cheese, there are plenty of artists on this forum who make a couple bucks as educators. And we've all got our special way of doing that...and hopefully those teaching philosophies echo our individual passions and priorities as they relate to the REAL thing we do which is make sculpture.

Regarding the hierachies...of course sculpture is the best art form, and of course the lowers means of being creative should be put in there place. This does not mean that other Arts are not useful. I suspect that your are doling out credit to less relevent artforms simply because you have respect for some of those people doing those things. You dont want to diss them. Hey, yer a nice guy. I'm a nice guy too...and I even expect the poet, who I might be arguing with about Kafka or Jack Kirby, to presume his own superiority (I'd rather he did). But I find it a little timid and mal-convictioned to elevate ALL mediums to the level of YOUR OWN medium...out of "appreciation" or "respect".

I have undoubtedly been driven often in my creative life by things I have read. But I have been just as driven by any number of other past-times that get eaten-up along the those "in-between" times when your charging up or bracing for the next explosion. An exceptionally odd subway trip can be as important in your life as "Ulysses". But a subway ride cannot ever be as important as your first day getting to know a new tool or process.

Please address everything I utter as you see fit. I would'nt have it any other way. I would rather, obviously, chatter at length with the cast here-in than any lame-assed think-tank pandering ridiculously to human "success".

I'll address some more of that ambitious post of yours later...whew,.

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