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What's your intension as an artist?

This goes out to everyone i suppose.. Do you have an artist intension? If so how did you discover it?

I have to write my dissertation soon and am currently being prompted to really start taking control and responsibility for my creative practice, and to distinguish what it is I'm trying to say to the world through my art and why.

Why do you want to make what you make? Where does your art stand in your contemporary world? And Why do u want to share it with people? What are you trying to achieve?

Are these really the fundamental, underlining questions that need to be answered in order to peek your artistic measure? Is making artworks for the fun of exploring visual forms not enough anymore?

I'm not against this 'question answering' approach to creative practice I just wanna know if its really the most beneficial? I personally find it quite stressful; I originally decided I wanted to pursue art because i thought I was good at pleasing the eye and assumed that was what it was primarily about. Now I have to become some kind of philosopher as well. Its slowly putting me off art and I used to think I loved every bit of it.

If your a practicing artist, do you personally ask yourself these questions?
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