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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Here is a news story that makes me laugh. So much fuss, even about the groin area of a boy in a seated position. It is a story I've just found, about the debates in an American city council committee about this topic.

La Crosse plans no fig leaf for gift statue from French city

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A bronze statue of an unclothed boy - a gift to La Crosse from its sister city of Epinal, France - won't have any fig leaf-like additions to cover its European-style nudity after all, city officials have decided.

The statue Le Pinau, showing a boy in a seated position pulling a thorn from his foot, is symbolic of the French city whose name stems from a word meaning thorn.

But someone noticed that the groin area could be seen when viewing the statue from below the column on which it will be placed.

That prompted the city's Contributions Committee to amend its resolution accepting the statue to allow for covering the critical area.

Elmer Petersen, chairman of the Downtown La Crosse Sculpture Project Committee and a sculptor, said he understood he was to "discreetly cover the private parts so it is presentable," possibly with a small bronze cloth.

"Not like a fig leaf, which would be noticed and laughable," he said.

The Common Council approved the resolution several months ago, but when some council members saw the statue Wednesday, they said they opposed changing it.

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