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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

I think you need to read more closely before you respond. What you think I am saying I am not. And I don't know where you got some of what you are replying to.
Fascism always seems nice if the banner of your cause is flying out in front, and it is what you are pushing for. You continue to champion the cause of censorship and restrictions upon what people can see and do, yet expect not to be taken to task about it. It's absurd.
The above remark is a good example...I said some censorship wasn't bad...I didn't say how much or about what, but all of the sudden you have me as a fascist?! I think that is the exact type of kneejerk reaction I am talking about. Tone down the rhetoric...especially when it isn't specifically addressing what I actually said.

I'm sorry if you find this bafffling or unimportant, but many of us think this is a vital part of public discourse. Your inability or unwillingness to understand this basic issue belies the fact that you ultimately don't really know what free speech is or why it is important.
Are you reading the same post I wrote? You are off the map with your interpretation of the question I asked. Calm down and realize I am not literally wondering why free speech is important. Did I say it was unimportant? Read for comprehension. I'll spell it out....many artists become overly aggressive, defensive, and intolerant when you mention any attempt, no matter how benign to have some sort of standard by which behavior, verbal or otherwise, can be measured as offensive or dangerous. Don't go off the deep end thinking that this means I have some sort of Orwellian agenda. I value free speech as much as anyone, but I don't value irresponsible people saying or doing detrimental things that are harmful to others.

Your last paragraph was so bizarre I can't even frame a response. Suffice it to say you assume too much, all of it is wrong and the most outrageous accusations were just offensive.

Really, what is the point of asking a legitimate question when the response isn't even directed at what was asked, but instead is directed at some imagined series of remarks? Read my question again closely and see if it makes any more sense. Don't read anything into it that I don't expressly state. If that is too hard just don't respond to my posts. I'll give you the same courtsey.
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