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Re: Bronze Clay?

Hmm if the bronze paper clay works whole areas of possibility are opened, modelling, shaping, carving, embossing. Inspired again Burkhard!
Was in situ strength maintained? Firing paper in ceramics causes problems but you say it worked with the metal, do you think it increased the porosity? Burnishing prior to firing ceramics is an old technique to compact the particles, I wonder if this might apply to the metal clay and reduce porosity.
Did you use a variety of particle sizes for the bronze powder somewhere I think I read a ratio of 7:1 small to large gave greater sintering strength and reduced porosity, same article said the firing cycle for the wax bronze was 24 hrs which would imply a longer cooling period. Is the proportion of crystalline wax to parafin critical?
Could anyone help with where to get metal powder in the UK coz I think its time for the burning boom! stuff here too.

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