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Re: Picault Sculpture

No, the blade is not broken, just lost
There is a small screw on each side of the guy's hand (bellow the hand and above the guard).

The handle is still there in my case (you can see from the pictures that it does not really sit straight on the guard) and can be easily unscrewed.
(The hammer handle on the anvil in the back is also screwed on, maybe not easy to cast such protruding bits...)

There used to be a blade, but it has unfortunately been lost by my grandmother (she used it as an envelope opener...), you can guess from the close-up picture the tip of the screw underneath the hand.

It is definitely bronze and probably too fine to be a re-cast... but I am not an expert.
It has been in the family for ages, and used to have 2 other similar sized friends. Nobody can remember what were the themes of the 2 other ones except that they formed a set (a bit like Earth, Wind and Fire, but with Iron, ... and ...), and they disappeared at some point... Any idea of what were his friends?

GlennT, could you please make a scan of the pictures and information you have ?
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