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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
... once you get a taste of that kind of independence and self-determination they'll never be able to pull you back into the matter how much money is involved.
life's full of funny twists,'s my two cents(EURO cents, of course)- I started a woodcarving shop/studio some years ago- architectural woodcarving, interior decoration...that sort of thing.Wrong place , wrong time , and the shop somehow got a life of it's own, and a direction I did'nt like at all- I started getting more comissions that were plain carpenter's work , with less and less carving, I needed more industrial kind tools to get the job done, wich were more expensive and you can't pay for them with carving...To cut the long story short , I was taking a road that led to (if I were sucsessful) building a furniture-making company in say , 20 years - and all I wanted was fine carving and sculpture.Besides , the business was shaky , so I closed it before it was to late, and got a full-time job in( isn't it ironic!)-cabinet making, wich is my trade, and a place I can kick some ass.Now it's the first time I really have some time to make sculpture, and create things I allways wanted to- but never had the time.

...and -yes! I miss the independence and the adventure of not knowing what the tomorrow would bring, every minute of every day, and when I decide I have enough works to show, I'll start talking with the galeries, and try the self employment again - only this time I'm gonna win

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