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Smile Structural engineer offers FREE advice

Hello everybody

My name is Victor Frutos Juarez, and I am a structural engineer working for a consulting engineering company (Buro Happold - BH) in London, England. At the same time, I am taking a part-time Msc about Structural Design at London South Bank University.

I am in the final year of the Msc preparing my dissertation on the subject of Structures and Sculptures. I have a broad definition of sculpture; sculptures are not simply the stuff we see in galleries or parks; bridges are sculptures, not all of them naturally, but some.

I joined BH two years, having previously working for another year and half for a different consultant. During this time I have been involved on projects in Madrid, St. Petersburg, Vladikavkaz; and Copenhagen.

All the above projects present a common characteristic: complex geometry and interface with other disciplines; consequently I am developing an important technical knowledge tackling challenges and I posses a good knowledge about material and their properties.

As part of my dissertation I am looking for free collaboration supporting technically the students (or even yourslelf). It would be a pleasure and enjoyable experience. I reckon both could be beneficiated.
I am looking for an active collaboration and I am open to suggestions.
I have access to structural software which I can use was to analyse the sculptures-structures, connections, etc helping the artists/students with solutions to the challenges they face from the technical point of view.

I am looking from hearing from you.

Do no hesitate to contact me if you require further information (


Victor Frutos-Juarez
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